The C700 servo steering gear has a compact design, that is, the guiding and operating appliances are built in one unit, in the smallest possible geometric capacity. The steering gear's control is rotary slide valve system based, the reverse-detection is ensured by a bar spring, situated between the control piston valve (rotor) and the steering spindle. The steering gear is ball screw system based, in all cases, the balls are picked up and then replaced by a tube or tube halves located in the piston. The hydraulic end position relief valves are located in the piston. The piston's skirt is shaped as a segment-rack, or in case of variable ratio steering gears, as a gear quadrant, to which the steering shaft dentation is connected. The shape of the steering shaft and the piston dentation depend on whether the internal steering ratio is permanent or variable.

The advantages of the variable internal ratio steering gears

The output torque of the traditional, permanent internal ratio steering gears (assuming a constant operating pressure) is permanent in the whole swivel range of the steering shaft. This has two disadvantages: on the one hand, as a result of the geometry of the steered wheels, the increasing rotation range of the wheels requires an increasing torque, on the other hand, at a high speed, straight course of vehicles when only small steering movements are required, it is practical to increase the sensitivity of the steering gear, that is, to reduce the internal ratio. For this very reason, almost every producer recommends internal ratio steering gears to their clients, among which the C700 possesses outstandingly good parametres.

C-700 details

The steering shaft gearing is optional:
a) 19.2:1 b) 21.6:1

The number of revolutions of the steering wheel at 97o steering arm rotation:
a) 5.2 b) 5.8

Steering arm rotation (kinetically exploitable): 2x48.5o

Hydraulic momentum at 150 bar pressure and 90% efficiency: 7300 Nm

Operating pressure: maximum 160 bar

Load of steering axle (recommended value): 6,500-8,500 kg

Recommended pump flow rate: 16-24 dm3/perc

Allowable operating temperature: maximum 100 oC

Oil quality: ATF Type A

Oil capacity of steering-gear: approx. 1.9 dm3

Weight of steering-gear (without oil and steering arm): approx. 48 kg


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