Csepel Car Industrial Manufacturing and Trading Ltd
Since 1950, this company which has a professional past, has been dealing with manufacturing parts whose manufacturing needs press technology. From this year till the 1970s the company manufactured plate parts of Csepel type vans. Then from the beginning of 1970s it produced parts for IKARUS type buses.
Our new 3000 m² workshop has been completed by the beginning of the year 2008 within the territory of „ÁTISziget” Industrial Park, where production is carried on in modern conditions by installing further highperformance machinery.

At present, our main activity is the manufacturing of parts of passenger cars. These parts are principally the different elements of the carbody, which are made by pressing and spot-welding.


  • press machines, which are type eccentric (20-1000 t) and hydraulic (1800 t)
  • their performance ranges from 20 t to 1800 t


  • different elements of the carbody
  • bumper holder
  • crossbrace
  • nose stiffener
  • thresholds
  • other inside steel parts
  • starter parts
  • coalbrush holder
  • cable connecting