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Business history

In 1972, the founder, Jenő Draspó started to work with a few employees in a small workshop. They dealt specially with the renewing of small main units, part units, electrical equipment, cooler fan-clutches and hydraulic cylinders. The high quality work, professional development and precision continuously made the undertaking successful.
The product circle widened and the technology became full-scale, which was controlled and qualified by external companies. The renewing of the power-steering-gears and also the renewing and manufacturing of the shockabsorber were like this.

Taking advantage of the experience that was gained from the renewing activity, in 1989 renewing and examination of personal cars started and then manufacturing of newer products, fan-clutches and waterpumps for IKARUS buses. In 1992, the car service station due to its well-known technical and professional standard, became the member of BOSCH CAR SERVICE group, which helped its further development. In 1993, the firm expanded with continuous investments by new premises where two 400 m² big warehouses, two 400 m² big manufacturer halls, a social building and an office building made possible the completion of the increasing tasks. From 1995 the firm expanded by a new product group of the German first supplier COHLINE quality hoses and fittings. A national network was founded in this product line. The first supplier authority in IKARUS market was won for our company by these products and by the shock-absorber, so the wholesale activity was formed.

The wholesale activity became wider and gradually the full-scale activity expanded to the IKARUS parts. On the 1st of September 2000 the AUTÓKER Gamma Ltd got into the property of DRASPÓ-TEMPÓ Car and Service Ltd. This is a commercial firm, whose main profile is the distribution of bus parts. It operates in Gyál with a warehouse of nearly 3000 types of products and with a flexible capacity. In the year of 2003, the activity and the number of premises expanded further by the power-steering-gear factory in the area of the former Csepel Car Factory in Szigetszentmiklós, which was integrated as a division into the base firm. Power-steering-gear and its parts are manufactured and renewed here and also cutting activities of several other parts can be found on the premises of nearly 8000 m².
The development made it possible the purchase of Csepel Autó Ltd, too. This firm also operates in the area of the former Csepel Car Factory in Szigetszentmiklós. Its main profile is pressing, extruding and plate working. By the end of the year 2004 and the beginning of 2005 our company has expanded by the purchase of the equipment and product range of Volánbusz Járm technika and Csonka János Járm szerelvénygyártó (Csonka János Vehicle

Accessory Manufacturing) Inc., which have been integrated into the Szervokormány (Power Steering) Division. This expansion allowed for the production, restoration work of compressors, oil filters, and for the restoration, reparation works of running gears, engines, and gearboxes of buses.
The company group has further expanded in June 2006. Villtesz Ltd. was purchased, which is operating in Diósjen , and its main profile is manufacturing electric motorcar equipment.
The market acknowledgement is proved by the fact that our products are built into new vehicles by Hungarian and several foreign vehicle manufacturing companies and the firm is an outstanding supplier of several transport companies (like BKV, Budapest Transport Stock Company, VOLÁN Transport Companies). The export activity has also widely expanded. Our main markets are Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Slovak. All these firms are operating according to the ISO quality assurance system.

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Jenő Draspó




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